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My Vodafone puts you in control

Features of My Vodafone

  • Check your balance and usage
  • View and pay your bill
  • Recharge online
  • Manage your mobile settings
  • Turn roaming on and off

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My Vodafone is encrypted with SSL so you can be sure that your online transactions are completely secure.

Use My Vodafone on your phone

My Vodafone on your mobile

Setup balance alerts

What's different

  • New look and easier to use
  • Get what you want quickly
  • Pay your bill easily on your phone

My Vodafone app

My Vodafone App

With the new My Vodafone app, you can keep track of your usage, view your account details, see network updates, find stores and get help and support.

Access via Vodafone Central

Access Vodafone Central

Access My Vodafone via Vodafone Central to view your spend, recharge and manage your settings.

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